Humankind’s Greatest Achievement

Last night, I went down to the National Mall and wove my way through a sea of sweating people to celebrate the 50th anniversary of humanity’s greatest achievement: landing human beings on the surface of our Moon. It was sweltering hot, the crowd was a mob scene, and the event was threatened by nearby rain … [Read more…]

The bad thing about sharing your blog

This blog is more or less anonymous. So when I get hits from people I like IRL, I wonder. Apparently, since I quit Facebook, this has been a source. And I have a love/hate relationship with it. I’d love to get to know more people than FB. Yet, that doesn’t seem possible. Even with people … [Read more…]

My little girl had surgery

A couple years ago, Bea’s vet pointed out a large almond shape growth in her mouth hanging from her upper jaw. At the time, the vet recommended monitoring the growth and if it ever changed, grew, or bothered her removal may be needed. A few weeks ago, when we were playing frisbee I noticed she … [Read more…]

Another trip around the Sun

This year you experience an innate tension. You know what you want and are goal-directed. You also have a moody side. If single, dating you could be challenging, as you have such a multifaceted personality. Someone might identify with and relate to one facet buy not another. You will know you meet the right person. … [Read more…]

Kauai 2019 – Day Four

This was boat trip day. Which was something not planned before I came to the island. Between the flyers near the baggage claim at the Lihue airport and the travel book, it was a sorta a last minute decision. It ended up being a good choice.  I booked a tour with Captain Andy’s called the … [Read more…]

Kauai 2019 – Day Three

It was at this point when I began to realize I had made a terrible travel decision.  Up to this moment, weather had prevented me from hiking on three trails, I wanted to hike,  a few sunset photos I wanted to shot, and closed off a significant portion of the island to me. It made … [Read more…]