What is a support network?

What is a support network? My inability to communicate properly will haunt me for the rest of my days here on this crazy planet. Wait, let me rephrase that: my inability to communicate EFFECTIVELY has always been an issue for me and those closest to me. The result? The people most closest to me; the … [Read more…]

Another birthday done

This morning, after another crappy night of sleep, I went for a run. Well… technically it was a jog/walk but I did it. After getting ready for work, I stopped at the grocery store to buy the paper to obtain the Horror-scope. I had also purchased some soup, but by the time I arrived at … [Read more…]

Birthday Horror-scope 2018

This year you will want more time to think through problems. You seem to become a more active reader than you have been in the recent past. If you are single, your quirky behavior draws many potential suitors to you. Keep an open mind as you sort through the possibilities. If you are attached, the … [Read more…]

Dogs are family

When you start a relationship with someone who either has a dog or loves dog, it is important that your partner shares your passion because dogs aren’t just pets… they are family. A dog’s capacity for unconditional is unequaled; even and especially compared to other human beings. Dogs do not care if you are ugly … [Read more…]