A New Beginning

dwhjr_houseThe fact that I closed on my new home three days before my year anniversary of moving out of my old house is not completely lost on me. It is a sort of one-door-closes-another-opens kinda thing. Sometimes, it’s funny how things work out.

For example:
On December 7th, 2012, I put a contract on a home that was built in 1941.

Or this:
When I met my realtor on the morning that we were going to look at four homes, this house was the first on our list. We met there. And yet, we couldn’t get in. Something wrong with the key box or (as we came to find out later) something wrong with the key card to open the box. After going through the next few houses, we decided to go back to this particular house. My realtor, Kathy, said, “Let’s check the back door.” It was locked. “How about the windows?” And sure enough, one of the back windows was open. After I pushed it up, I turned to Kathy to ask what now.

Her: Let’s go!
Me: You can’t be serious. You want me to break in the house? (The house was empty, btw.)
Her: YES! You want to look at this house. Crawl through and go open the backdoor for me.

I shrugged, took off my jacket, tossed it into the window and went ass over tea kettle into the house. Graceful? Hardly, but I at least I was in. I should have know then that the house I ‘broke into’ would end up being my house.

So now I have a new focus in my life and the ‘list’ of to-dos is long and getting longer. My goal is to blog about the house and my improvements, pitfalls, and etc with being a brand new homeowner.


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