Polishing the WRX

I picked up this light scratch going down a road I shouldn’t have, especially since it was a) muddy, b) had clearance issues, and c) had trees/bushes overgrown into road. Fortunately, I did not end up stuck in a batch of wet Virginia red clay. I did, however, manage to scratch both sides of the … [Read more…]

The Quilt Video

  BTW This video is UNLISTED on YouTube. According to them, the only way anyone can see this is from a link or an embed. One day I will have to prove that. If only to myself. This is a video I shot, edited, and posted to YouTube. There is little explanation that is required … [Read more…]

Photo TMI 003: Ring da Bell

Recently, I have been twisting my head and camera like a dog hearing a wolf howl from a YouTube on a smartphone. It is a new technique for me and it is challenging! Normally, I see something to shot, get into position, and as I am looking through the viewfinder I am straining to find … [Read more…]