Photo TMI 005: Top of the Rock

From outside the Top of the Rock Observatory atop the GE Building – pointed downtown. Times Square is see in the right. In this shot, I had to use my tripod as a monopod because the security guard wouldn’t let me extend the legs. Dumb. But not that it mattered because there are thick glass … [Read more…]

Thanks Obama…. Care?

I am a lurker on Reddit and one of the funnier, if not more ridiculous subreddits is the ThanksObama section. My title from this post is a nod to this section of Reddit, but I am not sure what I am about to write about would be fitting in this sarcastic blame game there. Perhaps … [Read more…]

All of these movies turn 30 this year

Or, Damn-I’m-Old… Ghostbusters The Terminator Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Beverly Hills Cop Gremlins A Nightmare on Elm Street Police Academy This is Spinal Tap Revenge of the Nerds Purple Rain The Karate Kid Splash Red Dawn

Goodbye, Beautiful

Those were my last words to Willow before I turned and walked out the door. For every moment before; when I had been upset, afraid, angry, thinking this was a mistake, and wishing I hadn’t put myself in this position – I knew that this final moment would be tough. And it was. A volunteer … [Read more…]

I feel better and better about this decision

If there was any doubts I had about my decision to give Willow back to the rescue, they were displaced yesterday morning. We were on our morning walk yesterday when she went after a kid. It is one thing for her to be overly aggressive to dogs, squirrels, and strangers, but to be aggressive towards … [Read more…]

Another Goodbye?

This morning, the Falls Church Chief of Police stopped me. I was not driving nor was I in a car. She saw me walking Willow, my white German or American Shepherd, whom I recently adopted from a rescue and stopped her Ford Crown Victoria in the middle of the road. She asked if she could … [Read more…]