Birthday Horror-scope 2018

This year you will want more time to think through problems. You seem to become a more active reader than you have been in the recent past. If you are single, your quirky behavior draws many potential suitors to you. Keep an open mind as you sort through the possibilities. If you are attached, the … [Read more…]

Yes, an Ar-15 is an assault weapon

It just is. And I say this as someone who used to own one and as someone who loved to shoot it. But I sold it – for cash not for any moral and/or politically leaning. Had I not sold it for money, I would have definitely sold it now. (Actually, my ideal dream would … [Read more…]

2017 Birthday Horror-scope

From the Print Edition of today’s Washington Post: This year you often waver between one perspective and another. Those closest to you might be confused by your seesawing points of view. If you are single, try not to hook up with someone who must have stability to feel secure, as you don’t share this desire … [Read more…]

First baked bread from FWSY

I bought and read Ken Forkish’s Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza a long damn time ago. Ok… maybe a year at most. I desperately wanted to try his methods and recipes for good bread. This Thanksgiving was a great excuse to throw my hat in the ring. Baking bread … [Read more…]

2016 Birthday Horror-scope

From today’s Washington Post: This year you enjoy more levity and your communication skills soar. If you are single, your social attributes emerge, often making you the life of the party. Others clearly enjoy your company. If you are attached, the two of you often can be seen swapping news, laughing and enjoying each other’s … [Read more…]