First impressions of Angelika movie theater

When thinking about what to write, I was struck how I kept comparing this theater to the more common movie theaters like AMC or Loews. These theaters are the more “general consumer” orientated places and nearly always the places I go, as many others, to watch new mainstream movies. Which means, the vast majority of … [Read more…]

The Bulldog and the Stye

Owning an English Bulldog is a unique experience. They are like little clowns, odd looking clowns seemingly designed to make us laugh. Not only do they look funny, but combined with the cacophony of grunts, burps, farts, sighs, huffs, and other bestial noises they are odd creatures. Yet, all of this comes with a price … [Read more…]

The Credit Story

I recall a movie – it’s title escapes me – that seems parallel to this lastest experience I have undergone. The movie is centered around a young man who is dealing with what is portrayed as both a curse and a gift. Simply put, he is lucky. ALL THE TIME. It is like having a … [Read more…]

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, Cindy said I should remember this day by writing you a letter and explain why the world isn’t a better place since you’ve gone. And I started thinking about this idea today and thought, “Why the hell not?” In addition, why not post the letter here on my blog. You were always my … [Read more…]

Oh Sandy

[ Author’s note: I completely forgot to post this a week ago. So enjoy two week old news :-/ ] The last Sandy I knew the landlord I had who didn’t tell me the condo I was renting from her went into foreclosure. Nice lady. But that’s a story for another time. This is my … [Read more…]

Today is…

Just another day. This is what I must continually tell myself all day today. Today isn’t just Halloween, but also a day that had important significance in my life. Yet, I must remain focused and act as if there is nothing unusual or special about this day. I will try to act as if it … [Read more…]