I need to make lists

And I made them at least a week before I left for Iceland. Two lists to be exact: Packing List and Things to do Before I Left. Nearly every day before my travel date, I added something to each list. But lists and line items to check off are only as infallible as the person … [Read more…]

What is a support network?

What is a support network? My inability to communicate properly will haunt me for the rest of my days here on this crazy planet. Wait, let me rephrase that: my inability to communicate EFFECTIVELY has always been an issue for me and those closest to me. The result? The people most closest to me; the … [Read more…]

Another birthday done

This morning, after another crappy night of sleep, I went for a run. Well… technically it was a jog/walk but I did it. After getting ready for work, I stopped at the grocery store to buy the paper to obtain the Horror-scope. I had also purchased some soup, but by the time I arrived at … [Read more…]

Dogs are family

When you start a relationship with someone who either has a dog or loves dog, it is important that your partner shares your passion because dogs aren’t just pets… they are family. A dog’s capacity for unconditional is unequaled; even and especially compared to other human beings. Dogs do not care if you are ugly … [Read more…]