Photo TMI 002: Angles

In what might help explain of my love of cars and planes, I really enjoy looking (and shooting) the beauty of lines and curves. Be them symmetrical or not, sometimes just the contrast of lines viewed from non-normal angles can be a inspiring sight. Some of my best shots are made from pointing the camera … [Read more…]

Photo TMI 001: Dinner Table

I had a ‘bright’ idea about posting individual photos explaining how they were shot and how I chose to edit them. Photo Too Much Information. When I look around the web for information on techniques, styles, or methods I inevitably stumble across something that makes me think, “Hey that’s kinda cool, let me try that.” … [Read more…]

501 Ice

A few weeks ago I shot these photos while I was out cruising on some twisty roads. I saw these ice formations and had to stop. These were taken on Route 501 near Glasgow, Virginia. 

Clemmie at the Vienna Dog Park

Today was an unseasonably warm, autumn day in the DC Metro area and I decided to take my hound out to enjoy the weather. My plan had been to take her to the dog park following a visit to Home Depot. As her Dad, I know my little girl and that means understanding she was … [Read more…]


I was recently allowed the opportunity to shot a flamenco dance performance. Previous to this occasion, I had not been able to take my newly acquired Nikon D700 out and test it’s meddle against my own amateur skills. Not knowing what the venue would be like, I brought all of my glass and the camera. … [Read more…]