Kauai 2019 – Day Four

This was boat trip day. Which was something not planned before I came to the island. Between the flyers near the baggage claim at the Lihue airport and the travel book, it was a sorta a last minute decision. It ended up being a good choice.  I booked a tour with Captain Andy’s called the … [Read more…]

Kauai 2019 – Day Three

It was at this point when I began to realize I had made a terrible travel decision.  Up to this moment, weather had prevented me from hiking on three trails, I wanted to hike,  a few sunset photos I wanted to shot, and closed off a significant portion of the island to me. It made … [Read more…]

Kauai 2019 – Day Two

After a day of failed hikes, giving up some skin/blood to the Ku’Kui trail, and crowing roosters, I wanted to hit the next big spot that booth the travel guide and other people I had talked too – the North Shore.  I was in for another disappointment.  Ke’e Beach on the northern part of the … [Read more…]

Kauai 2019 – Day One

Despite not sleeping for, oh I don’t know how long, I woke up at 0230 local time. And you want to know what I noticed? The crowing roosters.  Let me just back up for a moment and say this: the travel book I bought for Kauai briefly mentioned the chickens. So back in ’92, a … [Read more…]

Activity Stats from Hawaii

Day 1 = 5.4 miles, 46 flights, 2,959 calories. Day 2= 7.02 miles, 56 flights, 2,890 calories. Day 3 = 4.04 miles, 14 flights, 2,5221 calories. Day 4 = 6.60 miles, 46 flights, 2,987 calories. Day 5 = 1.92 miles, 19 flights, 2,264 calories. Day 6 = 3.87 miles, 27 flights, 2,456 calories. Day 7 … [Read more…]