Clemmie at the Vienna Dog Park

Today was an unseasonably warm, autumn day in the DC Metro area and I decided to take my hound out to enjoy the weather. My plan had been to take her to the dog park following a visit to Home Depot. As her Dad, I know my little girl and that means understanding she was going to enjoy the visit to the department store for more than the dog park. But it was too nice of a day to be cooped up inside and I had an alternative reason of wanting to test my new glass I got for my camera. I felt that since the weather was warm that people would be bringing their dogs out to the park and I would have a chance to shot some photos.

As predicted, Clem doesn’t play the dog-in-the-park-playing game. She doesn’t like her butt to be sniffed and when a dog tries playing or testing dominance, she has none of it. This dog NEVER barks expect a few times when she is dreaming and almost NEVER growls expect when we are playing with a toy. But she will and did drop a growl to tell another dog to back-the-fuck-off. It is actually fascinating to watch and makes me a little proud. My little girl doesn’t take anyones shit.

I think I had a better time than her. She never left my side, but I managed to snap a few decent photos.


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