Meet the new blog, same as the old blog

For the last six years, I have maintained my own WordPress blog. That blog is now defunct for a variety of personal reasons of which I will not delve into. Now I am starting new WordPress blog fresh and from scratch. I am moving forward still armed with the same level of inspiration to share. Or rather, I wish to hold onto that level of inspiration I had before. Be it an amusing thought, an angry irony-filled rant, or a satirical story about some experience I had, I want to return to that place.

Starting over isn’t easy, especially when I consider the shear amount of info that I had accumulated over six years of posting. The choice to end that blog and start over was not easy. Part of me felt that, if say, a new reader to my old blog were to go over my post history, they would experience the highs and lows (and maybe new highs) of my life and what I chose to share. The other part of me felt that having such information and words out there for anyone to read, especially posts within the last year, could be misconstrued or taken out of context. While I struggle to detail every aspect of a story, an person reading from an outside perspective might now truly understand what I am attempting to convey.

For me, writing from the heart is the easiest. But writing in a comprehensive way that makes the reader completely understand my perspective is quite difficult. Whatever the case, I am making the clear choice to start over. I want to this blog to get down to the basics. I want to share my experiences, photos, and thoughts in a singular place in which I am proud to share with friends, family, and co-workers.

But I will struggle with my goal is projecting a positive light. It is in my nature to take a pessimistic tone, one I call realistic, for every happening. I will attempt to make a balance between positive and satire with a tinge of sarcasm. This will be a work in progress, just as I undergo my own personal battle between the negative and the positive.

My hope is that I can use this blog simply as a tool to not only share but learn and grow in a way that is more necessary than ever.

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