My little girl had surgery

Bea post surgery

A couple years ago, Bea’s vet pointed out a large almond shape growth in her mouth hanging from her upper jaw. At the time, the vet recommended monitoring the growth and if it ever changed, grew, or bothered her removal may be needed.

A few weeks ago, when we were playing frisbee I noticed she didn’t want to hold the frisbee in the side of her mouth where the growth was. I looked and the growth was red and irritated. After a vet visit, it was recommended that she get surgery. My vet recommended the Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery in Leesburg, VA.

Bea and I went into for a consult and they agreed with my vet – surgery.

Technically, Bea is my first dog and I’ve never had to go through a surgery. And given she is an English Bulldog… I was a worried dog dad.

Well fast forward to yesterday… I have my baby back home.

13 teeth!

13 teeth!

From the report:

Oral Diagnosis: 1:) Gingival hyperplasia. 2) Advanced periodontal disease of multiple teeth. 3) Missing teeth. 4) Hair impaction in palatal rugae (typical for breed). 5) Dental crowding and rotation (typical for breed). 6) Class III malocclusion (typical for breed).

Treatment: 1) General anesthesia. 2) Oral Exam. 3) Full-mouth intraoral radiographs. 4) Surgical extraction of all teeth affected by advanced periodontal disease. 5) Gingivectomy/gingivoplasty as needed.

Post-Procedure Discussion:

All teeth with advanced periodontal disease were extracted today and all sites were closed with absorbable suture. Additionally, all regions of excessive gingiva were trimmed to a normal margin with a surgical blade and fluted bur for hemostasis. All remaining teeth were ultrasonically scaled and polished.

Beatrice did very well under anesthesia and recovered uneventfully. She is the sweetest girl and we thank you for entrusting her to our care!

I got my baby back and she is healthy and playing frisbee again!

Frisbee is life.
Three days after surgery, we did great at a Rescue event.

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