Irony, My name is Google Reader

How many of the world’s Internet nerds, info sponges, tech geeks, and lazy news collectors woke up this morning to the news that Google was shutting down their Reader service but did so through the sites they follow through Google Reader? How do you define Irony? Yes, like Obi-Wan said, a thousand souls all crying … [Read more…]

I’m stumped

The stump in the front yard conveyed with the house. And thus, like a bad piece of furniture or thick shag carpet, the stump became an unwanted, ugly piece of my new home. Unfortunately, I couldn’t list the stump on Craigslist… well, I COULD; FREE STUMP – YOU HAUL AWAY. But who the hells wants … [Read more…]

The Art of the Steadicam

If you love movies like I do… hell, even if you don’t, watch this compilation of the best steadicam shots. This is a wonderful series of clips from some of my favorite films. It makes me want to sit on my couch and just watch films.   The Art of Steadicam from Refocused Media on … [Read more…]

-REPOST- Trip to Washington and Oregon 2012

Last April, I took a sabbatical/vacation out to the Pacific Northwest. There, I visited my good friend Brian and his clan. We took a man-cation down to Oregon, visiting my old friend Mieke, dining in Portland, exploring the beauties of the Oregon coast, giving our money to the Native Americans at a casino. We also stopped … [Read more…]

501 Ice

A few weeks ago I shot these photos while I was out cruising on some twisty roads. I saw these ice formations and had to stop. These were taken on Route 501 near Glasgow, Virginia. 

A New Beginning

The fact that I closed on my new home three days before my year anniversary of moving out of my old house is not completely lost on me. It is a sort of one-door-closes-another-opens kinda thing. Sometimes, it’s funny how things work out. For example: On December 7th, 2012, I put a contract on a … [Read more…]

Lose a limb, save the body

Last Monday was the one year mark of a personal journey in my life that I never thought I would be making, nor wanting. It was a day that signified a moment in time, which even now for me is difficult to fully comprehend. In just a moment, I can switch from disbelief to how … [Read more…]