The Credit Story

I recall a movie – it’s title escapes me – that seems parallel to this lastest experience I have undergone. The movie is centered around a young man who is dealing with what is portrayed as both a curse and a gift. Simply put, he is lucky. ALL THE TIME. It is like having a … [Read more…]

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, Cindy said I should remember this day by writing you a letter and explain why the world isn’t a better place since you’ve gone. And I started thinking about this idea today and thought, “Why the hell not?” In addition, why not post the letter here on my blog. You were always my … [Read more…]

Clemmie at the Vienna Dog Park

Today was an unseasonably warm, autumn day in the DC Metro area and I decided to take my hound out to enjoy the weather. My plan had been to take her to the dog park following a visit to Home Depot. As her Dad, I know my little girl and that means understanding she was … [Read more…]

Oh Sandy

[ Author’s note: I completely forgot to post this a week ago. So enjoy two week old news :-/ ] The last Sandy I knew the landlord I had who didn’t tell me the condo I was renting from her went into foreclosure. Nice lady. But that’s a story for another time. This is my … [Read more…]

Today is…

Just another day. This is what I must continually tell myself all day today. Today isn’t just Halloween, but also a day that had important significance in my life. Yet, I must remain focused and act as if there is nothing unusual or special about this day. I will try to act as if it … [Read more…]

A conversation with Q from Fidelity

There is something you should know about me and that is I hate money. I don’t like talking about money, I despise the back-n-forth at a job negation about salary, I hate thinking about retirement accounts and investments. Oh I can spend money, but I’ve never been one to balance a checkbook or stick to … [Read more…]


I was recently allowed the opportunity to shot a flamenco dance performance. Previous to this occasion, I had not been able to take my newly acquired Nikon D700 out and test it’s meddle against my own amateur skills. Not knowing what the venue would be like, I brought all of my glass and the camera. … [Read more…]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

[Author’s note: this post was written over a month ago, but just posted today.] With this week’s announcement of the new iPhone 5, I have began some serious consideration of upgrading from my iPhone 4 to the 5. As a Verizon customer, I am faced with a dilemma with the choices of smartphone plans: keep … [Read more…]

Meet the new blog, same as the old blog

For the last six years, I have maintained my own WordPress blog. That blog is now defunct for a variety of personal reasons of which I will not delve into. Now I am starting new WordPress blog fresh and from scratch. I am moving forward still armed with the same level of inspiration to share. … [Read more…]