Star Wars at the Kennedy Center

This past Saturday evening, I put on jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt and a suit jacket. I sat in a box seat at the Kennedy center and watched Star Wars: A New Hope (Special Edition) while the orchestra played John Williams’ Academy Award winning score. It was amazing to see little kids, people from … [Read more…]

Step 9

Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. This is Step 9 of the infamous 12 Steps of AA. Of all the Steps of AA, this is the one I was most afraid of. Or perhaps a better way to put, it is this step … [Read more…]

The Rozerem Experience

During my last visit with my shrink, I described how my continued battle with insomnia was effecting my life and well being more than ever before. I described to her the lack of energy, motivation, clear thought processes, etc. There was a point where I had described my thought processes about even though I had … [Read more…]

if nothing else I can cook…

What do people do that suffer insomnia and get hungry? Well, if they live in New York City, go outside, walk a block or two and find a diner. The rest of us of have to re-heat leftovers OR cook. Last night at around 3am, I cooked. Admittedly, this was a unique experience for me, … [Read more…]

I have a theory

So there I was chairing my normal Wednesday meeting and with only one other person. This is something I have had to come to accept in the past few weeks. I figure it has to do with the summer time. In the past few weeks, I hang up the signs and do everything needed to … [Read more…]

This is ridiculous

Four to five hours of total sleep this weekend. By the time dawn rolls around, I feel completely sapped. My energy level is in the tank as is motivation level is in the tank and thus activities like exercise, yard work, and household chores seem impossible. If and when I do sleep, the nightmares that … [Read more…]

Activity Stats from Hawaii

Day 1 = 5.4 miles, 46 flights, 2,959 calories. Day 2= 7.02 miles, 56 flights, 2,890 calories. Day 3 = 4.04 miles, 14 flights, 2,5221 calories. Day 4 = 6.60 miles, 46 flights, 2,987 calories. Day 5 = 1.92 miles, 19 flights, 2,264 calories. Day 6 = 3.87 miles, 27 flights, 2,456 calories. Day 7 … [Read more…]