Bea scared me last night

In what was a typical weeknight following a work day, Bea and I were playing with the frisbee. This, in itself, is nothing unusual. My baby loves her frisbee time. Even the dog walker that I have hired to come over everyday does not actually ‘walk’ Bea but instead spend the 15 minutes in the … [Read more…]

Star Wars at the Kennedy Center

This past Saturday evening, I put on jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt and a suit jacket. I sat in a box seat at the Kennedy center and watched Star Wars: A New Hope (Special Edition) while the orchestra played John Williams’ Academy Award winning score. It was amazing to see little kids, people from … [Read more…]

if nothing else I can cook…

What do people do that suffer insomnia and get hungry? Well, if they live in New York City, go outside, walk a block or two and find a diner. The rest of us of have to re-heat leftovers OR cook. Last night at around 3am, I cooked. Admittedly, this was a unique experience for me, … [Read more…]

Activity Stats from Hawaii

Day 1 = 5.4 miles, 46 flights, 2,959 calories. Day 2= 7.02 miles, 56 flights, 2,890 calories. Day 3 = 4.04 miles, 14 flights, 2,5221 calories. Day 4 = 6.60 miles, 46 flights, 2,987 calories. Day 5 = 1.92 miles, 19 flights, 2,264 calories. Day 6 = 3.87 miles, 27 flights, 2,456 calories. Day 7 … [Read more…]