The Big 4-O in Italy – Introduction

It was around this time last year when I began to seriously contemplate a thought I had for awhile: where to go for my fortieth birthday. The essential idea was to NOT be here. Sure 40 is a significant birthday, or as our culture denotes, but in addition to this significance, I wanted to do … [Read more…]

Sea Witch Festival 2014

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”2″] Now that the introductions are complete, I can write about last weekend. When I picked up Bea from the Rescue, they told me about this yearly event they hold in Rehoboth Beach. From the way I understood it (or how my pea brain failed to recognize the finer details that were being explained … [Read more…]

Introducing Ms. Bea

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”3″] After giving up Willow, I felt my self-confidence as a dog owner and lover was rattled to the point that I vowed, “Never again.” This was a silly and fatalistic approach to dog ownership given the challenges I had faced with Willow, but I still felt somewhat a failure and I questioned my … [Read more…]

My Nameless Performance Saga

My 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX was my first Subaru and my second turbo-powered car. (The first being a Mini Cooper.) It was also my first all-wheel drive vehicle. If you asked me now how I went from being a mostly BMW kinda guy (I’ve owned three or four if you count the Cooper) to making … [Read more…]

The blog is back – part duex

The blog is back… again. Part of me thinks I should just bite the bullet and pay for an offsite server. Cause you see… back this summer, my Mini’s hard drive died – the very same Mini I run this site on. I managed to save the data and put in a SSD to replace … [Read more…]

Photo TMI 005: Top of the Rock

From outside the Top of the Rock Observatory atop the GE Building – pointed downtown. Times Square is see in the right. In this shot, I had to use my tripod as a monopod because the security guard wouldn’t let me extend the legs. Dumb. But not that it mattered because there are thick glass … [Read more…]

Thanks Obama…. Care?

I am a lurker on Reddit and one of the funnier, if not more ridiculous subreddits is the ThanksObama section. My title from this post is a nod to this section of Reddit, but I am not sure what I am about to write about would be fitting in this sarcastic blame game there. Perhaps … [Read more…]

All of these movies turn 30 this year

Or, Damn-I’m-Old… Ghostbusters The Terminator Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Beverly Hills Cop Gremlins A Nightmare on Elm Street Police Academy This is Spinal Tap Revenge of the Nerds Purple Rain The Karate Kid Splash Red Dawn