Goodbye, Beautiful

Those were my last words to Willow before I turned and walked out the door. For every moment before; when I had been upset, afraid, angry, thinking this was a mistake, and wishing I hadn’t put myself in this position – I knew that this final moment would be tough. And it was. A volunteer … [Read more…]

I feel better and better about this decision

If there was any doubts I had about my decision to give Willow back to the rescue, they were displaced yesterday morning. We were on our morning walk yesterday when she went after a kid. It is one thing for her to be overly aggressive to dogs, squirrels, and strangers, but to be aggressive towards … [Read more…]

Another Goodbye?

This morning, the Falls Church Chief of Police stopped me. I was not driving nor was I in a car. She saw me walking Willow, my white German or American Shepherd, whom I recently adopted from a rescue and stopped her Ford Crown Victoria in the middle of the road. She asked if she could … [Read more…]