The Big 4-O in Italy – Food

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”1″] Day 1 – 6 April 2014 (Rome) Lunch at Enoteca Antics Dinner at Trattorria Morgana Day 2 – 7 April 2014 (Rome) Bakery Dinner at Cul de Sac Day 3 – 8 April 2014 (Rome) Lunch at Hostaria da Nerone Dinner at Vineria Il Chianti Day 4 – 9 April 2014 (Rome) Lunch … [Read more…]

The Big 4-O in Italy – Phone

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”4″] Serious geek confession time: I was school-girl-giddy to go to Rome and not for the reason you think. It wasn’t the lure of the Coliseum, wine, or pasta. Nope, what had my all hot and bothered was my phone. Yes, my phone. When the decision making process was complete and Rome was selected as the … [Read more…]

The Big 4-O in Italy – Introduction

It was around this time last year when I began to seriously contemplate a thought I had for awhile: where to go for my fortieth birthday. The essential idea was to NOT be here. Sure 40 is a significant birthday, or as our culture denotes, but in addition to this significance, I wanted to do … [Read more…]

Sea Witch Festival 2014

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”2″] Now that the introductions are complete, I can write about last weekend. When I picked up Bea from the Rescue, they told me about this yearly event they hold in Rehoboth Beach. From the way I understood it (or how my pea brain failed to recognize the finer details that were being explained … [Read more…]

Introducing Ms. Bea

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”3″] After giving up Willow, I felt my self-confidence as a dog owner and lover was rattled to the point that I vowed, “Never again.” This was a silly and fatalistic approach to dog ownership given the challenges I had faced with Willow, but I still felt somewhat a failure and I questioned my … [Read more…]

My Nameless Performance Saga

My 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX was my first Subaru and my second turbo-powered car. (The first being a Mini Cooper.) It was also my first all-wheel drive vehicle. If you asked me now how I went from being a mostly BMW kinda guy (I’ve owned three or four if you count the Cooper) to making … [Read more…]

The blog is back – part duex

The blog is back… again. Part of me thinks I should just bite the bullet and pay for an offsite server. Cause you see… back this summer, my Mini’s hard drive died – the very same Mini I run this site on. I managed to save the data and put in a SSD to replace … [Read more…]

Photo TMI 005: Top of the Rock

From outside the Top of the Rock Observatory atop the GE Building – pointed downtown. Times Square is see in the right. In this shot, I had to use my tripod as a monopod because the security guard wouldn’t let me extend the legs. Dumb. But not that it mattered because there are thick glass … [Read more…]

Thanks Obama…. Care?

I am a lurker on Reddit and one of the funnier, if not more ridiculous subreddits is the ThanksObama section. My title from this post is a nod to this section of Reddit, but I am not sure what I am about to write about would be fitting in this sarcastic blame game there. Perhaps … [Read more…]