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John D'Agostino's 1940 Cadillac

D700, 28-300mm, 1/250s @ f 3.8, 34mm, ISO6400

1953 Dodge Swivel Frame

D700, 28-300mm, 1/125s @ f 4, 38mm, ISO 6400

1968 pro-touring Chevrolet C-10

D700, 28-300mm, 1/125s @ f3.5, 32mm, ISO6400

1951 Ford X51

D700, 28-300mm, 1/125s @ f5, 72mm, ISO6400

Speed Racer Car Petersen Museum

D700, 28-300mm, 1/500 @ f3.5, 28mm, ISO6400

1959 Cadillac Petersen Museum

D700, 28-300mm, 1/500 @ f3,5, 28mm, ISO6400

Ford Roadster Petersen Museum

D700, 28-300mm, 1/60 @ f3.8, 34mm, ISO6400

Ford GT Petersen Musuem

D700, 28-300mm, 1/60 @f3.5, 32mm, ISO6400

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