The blog is back – part duex

The blog is back… again.

Part of me thinks I should just bite the bullet and pay for an offsite server. Cause you see… back this summer, my Mini’s hard drive died – the very same Mini I run this site on. I managed to save the data and put in a SSD to replace the broken spinning drive.

About that same time, I read through Ars Technica’s Build Your Own Webserver series and I became obsessed with getting this blog on my own linux server. I had managed to successfully build a virtual machine with Ubuntu Server 14.04 and get WordPress running. Well… after many many many attempts that is. I had even gone so far as create and incorporate SSL certificates into the build. Still, one of the biggest challenges was attempting to re-import my blog data into the brand new (to me anyway) environment. And if that wasn’t challenging enough, I had at the very same time decided to drop the “blog” sub-domain simply because my plans for building another site not blog related at never happened.

Yet, I managed to get it to work, for a month or so and  and then I broke it once again when I applied updates to Ubuntu. I think some part of the cache process changed and buried within lines and lines of a handful of config files broke a significant security feature in the blog. All the traffic was appearing as the same IP as the website.  That was the final straw, I gave up and decided to move back to the platform on the Mini – an environment I was much more suited to.

As always, there were issues, so the database didn’t come back as I would have liked it, so there are some missing posts and photos. I will doing my best to re-add the content.

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