The Bulldog and the Stye

Owning an English Bulldog is a unique experience. They are like little clowns, odd looking clowns seemingly designed to make us laugh. Not only do they look funny, but combined with the cacophony of grunts, burps, farts, sighs, huffs, and other bestial noises they are odd creatures. Yet, all of this comes with a price and they are high maintenance. Their ears must be kept clean, as well as their wrinkles on their mush faces. All of these hygiene activities are a necessary evil for my little girl – it is a traumatic experience.

A Clemmie “Spa Day” consists of an inner ear washing with Nolva-Cleanse to get the goop out followed by a dab of Otomax. Then face wrinkles are wiped down with wrinkle pads that look exactly like those acne pads you bought as a kid. The teeth (what few there are) are cleaned with a doggie dental pads and her mushroom-ape-like nose gets a coat of Vitamin E oil to prevent the infamous Bulldog crusting.

Lately, she has been suffering bloodshot eyes from what her vet believes to be caused by allergies. The vet recommended Zatidor, a human OTC eye drop, and this be applied twice a day. HA! She hates it! And just try adding an eye drop in someone who doesn’t want an eye drop.

Combine all of these things into one Super Spa Day and this is what I am faced with a frightening trembling little girl that refuses to come when called.

Quicktime movie (43MB)

A few days after spa day, I noticed this on her eyelid. Attempting to research what this latest ailment could be results in a variety of conditions that can make even the fiercest-willed owner want to curl into a ball and sob. This does no one any good. So off to the vet she goes.

“Why won’t you just leave me alone?!”

Can I hide this with some eyeliner?

A vet visit for Clem is not an easy thing to see. The worst part is holding her while waiting in the lobby. She is absolutely terrified and trembles violently. She shakes so much that she actually starts to become hot and pants from the activity. In the first two videos I have posted here, it is difficult to see her body shake, but the last video is of her little butt shaking like a cottontail.

Quicktime movie (43MB)

Quicktime movie (32MB)

Quicktime movie (29MB)

Dr. Sunny House, her amazing veterinarian, confirmed the spot on Clem’s eyelid was a stye and the small spot on her face next to her nose was, in fact, a zit. Dr. House popped that. “I’m a picker,” she said. She gave me an ointment to apply a couple times a day until it is gone. Great… one more thing Clemmie will hate.

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