The March of Our Lives Washington DC

I went into the scrum of humanity today at the DC March for Our Lives protest. So. Many. People.

Symbolic. Kids and parents marching past the White House.

‘Nuf said.

My first view down Pennsylvania Ave. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first.

Choir on a corner.

And still they came…

And the river continued to flow.

Crap photo. A quick shot. But to me this was a powerful image.

If you can, read the back of the man’s sweater.

It was packed!

Like sardines.

Symbolic again. The march going on right in front of a building named after Hoover.

This made me laugh and cry at the same time.

This was as far as I got to the stage. That’s the Newseum on the left.

View of Constitution Ave. Camera pointed west away from the stage.

Some of the signs were awesome.


And some signs were heart breaking.

I lol’d.

I saw a few of these today.

Sadly true.

Preach on.

White text captioning while having a mainly white stage backdrop? Not a good idea.

Please teach some rationality and critical thinking.

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