Yes, an Ar-15 is an assault weapon

It just is. And I say this as someone who used to own one and as someone who loved to shoot it. But I sold it – for cash not for any moral and/or politically leaning. Had I not sold it for money, I would have definitely sold it now. (Actually, my ideal dream would have been a national buy back program and have it turned into slag.)

The AR-15 is based on the military M16 / M4. It shoots the same bullet and it’s internals are virtually identical. The ONLY difference is the selector switch; how many bullets it shoots. The rifle is designed to be easy to use, clean, aim, and shoot. The round it fires is designed to inflict max damage on it’s victim. It is a high energy round designed to penetrate and fragment.

Don’t believe me? Read this Atlantic article written by a radiologist serving at a nearby hospital to¬†Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Read that article and tell me the AR15 is NOT a assault rifle designed to kill human beings as efficiently as possible.

Still don’t believe me? While I served 7.5 years in the military, I never touched a .223 rifle. My weapon was a screwdriver and a solder gun. This means, I don’t know shit about service weapons. Fine. That’s ok. I will leave it to my former brothers and sisters in arms to tell you. Whom do you believe?

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